Night Jackal by creaturesfromel

The Night Jackal.

Mixed media, air drying clay on a wire armature painted with oils. Approximately 13x14x5 inches”

Usually So by AngelaNorthen


Every man is entitled to love, but what with jobs, incomes, and other such things, the heart’s core grows harder from day to day. The heart wears a body, the body—a shirt. But even that’s not enough! Someone— the idiot!— inflicted shirt cuffs and poured starch on the chest. Aging, people suddenly realize it. Women smear on makeup. Men swing their arms like windmills following Müller’s exercise system. But it’s too late. The skin multiplies with wrinkles. Love will flower, and flower – and then wither and shrink.

Vladimir Majakovskij”

Melancholia by CrazyHeadbanger

"Scan from negative Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 520 Illford Delta 100 Model: Marie"