foot on throne:

this fist of heart
hides in the hollow
of its hold:

  two veils

        magic or slighted
        palm – a torn scarf
        of chest with red footprints
        hop-hopping      away

                  knot in utero, a circlet
                  of vein dangles about neck.
                  hang the hunted?  
                  father! cut the -

  a world
  the chair

bird in hand:

the beat of breath
wavers where a wire
is        virus in the tree:

            three parts untamed
                      two ravenous
                of one limp wing

        the notes squeeze
        through bars of rib
        prying at the clef

            to be heard.  a shriek
            peers into the world

                      two fresh sockets
                      emptied of sight

         then song

                to be free

unholy corpus:

a murmur wedged
in the bodies
of fire and fish:

        pale wave
                unjust tempest

        of wrinkled flesh, shifting
        shore of bone: gnawed
        hook in jaw
                a storm is strong
                without a guide

    smoldering, a sailor
    sings; a man sinking
    noose in hand

into the black
belly, drifting

a crooked grin.